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Meet the committee

The committee is run by a group of volunteers, who all have fibromyalgia and other health conditions.




Hi my name is Claire, I joined the support group back in 2007, it is honestly one of the best things I have ever done since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 
Previously I had worked in a special needs school for 19 years, a job which I loved and still miss to this day.
After I had been to my first group, I knew I was no longer alone and I have made some very true and special friends. That's very important to me, knowing I can contact someone if I am having a tough day/time. I do try and look on the bright side and try and have a good laugh whenever possible. I do have a weird sense of humour, which to be honest helps me deal with tough days. 
If I can help just 1 person deal with Fibromyalgia, then that makes me happy and I will always be here for people when needed.



Vice Chair

Hi, my name is Karen.


I was a qualified nurse, firstly working with adults who had learning and physical disabilities. I then trained as a paediatric nurse and worked at Birmingham Childrens Hospital. I absolutely adored my job. Unfortunately I was medically retired after fibro reared it’s ugly head. 

Every doctor I saw was treating me with individual pains, sending me for X-rays and scans but obviously they all came back ok. I found a Facebook page called “mums with chronic pain”. They were all talking about fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It was an American group but I went back to the doctor and asked whether I could have it. He agreed and referred me to rheumatology. So after years of pain I finally found my answer. If they had treated me as a whole person instead of individual body parts I truly believe I would’ve been diagnosed much sooner.

I found out about Coventry Fibromyalgia Support Group through a physiotherapist. I was so apprehensive to go to the first meeting so my mum came with me. I couldn’t believe all these strangers were experiencing the same as me. I had mixed emotions when I got home that day but the most I was feeling was relief. Soon those strangers became friends. After not working I felt useless as I have always worked in the care sector. However I now help run Coventry Fibromyalgia Support Group which has given me a purpose, helping and caring for others who have the same condition. Sometimes all that somebody wants is to talk to someone who understands and can empathise, but most of the time, someone who listens x

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Sadly Sarah passed away in November 2022 after a short battle with bladder cancer

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Janet Farr

Founder of Coventry Fibromyalgia support group.

Janet Farr set the support group up in 2007 after being diagnosed at the age of 68. Janet believes she has had fibro all her life. Janet attended the fibro class at University Coventry and Warwick hospital and she was amazed at how many young people had been diagnosed with fibro too. Everyone was asking what support was available after the classes finished and at that point there wasn't anything. Janet went home and did some research and went along to a big conference in Liverpool where there were plenty of speakers. Janet put her own money into starting up the support group, she had leaflets and cards printed to advertise the group and the hospital got involved too. The hospital started to send people to the group , there was finally somewhere to go after the classes had finished. Janet applied for a £2000.00 grant, she was successful and this enabled her to set up the support group. 
Without Janet we would not have our support group, so we owe Janet a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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